​                 International Journal of Modern Sciences and Engineering Technology

                                       (An International Peer Reviewed Monthly  online Journal: IJMSET)                                              Indexing & SJIF  Impact Factor: 4.462           Advanced Scientific Research Forum (ASRF)                                ISSN :2349-3755             

              Protect trees through online journals

About IJMSET(ISSN: 2349-3755) : 

* IJMSET is an international multidisciplinary,monthly and on-line indexed journal.
* IJMSET intends to promote the zeal of research among the research scholars. Innovative research papers
belonging to different disciplines will be encouraged.
* Preference will be given to original research with qualitative contents. The submitted articles will be reviewed
​ by eminent scholars and selected articles only will be published through on-line.
* IJMSET is enriched with qualified and reputed editorial board. The members of IJMSET board who got
reputation and applaud for their proficiency at the international levels.


IJMSET publishes carefully selected and reviewed original research articles, review articles and short communications in the fields of
*Applied Sciences,
*Advanced Chemistry,
*Advanced Physics,
*Applied Mathematics,
*Agriculture Sciences and Engineering,
*Applied Statistics,
*Automatic Control System,
*Chemical Engineering,
*Civil Engineering,
*Computational Ecology,
*Computer Engineering,
*Environmental Science,
*Electrical Engineering,Electronics,
*Management Science,
*Modern Psychology,
​*Mechanical Engineering,
*Medical Sciences,
*Operations Research
*Pure Mathematics,
*Public Health Engineering,
*Surface Engineering,
*Structural Engineering,
*Theoretical Mechanics,
*Transportation Engineering,
​*Zoology ​and the research fields which are related to  Modern sciences,Engineering & Technology .

IJMSET gives first priority to rapid response. It clarifies all the doubts of authors without making delay. It expects the same rapid response from the authors. The processed articles will be put through on-line according to the schedule. 

Why IJMSET prefers on-line version?

“Trees are to be protected,
Other options are to be adopted”

Trees are the back bone of ecological balance. By using paper for publication, we are knowingly or unknowingly causing damage to the trees.When other options of communications are available why should we increase the damage to trees?

 Keeping this in view, IJMSET prefers on line version of the journal.