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“ASRF promotes research nature
Research nature enriches the world’s future”

​​Advanced Scientific Research Forum (ASRF),D.No 4-2-83/5,Patel Nagar Fifth Line,Bapatla-522101,India 

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                                              Advanced Scientific Research Forum (ASRF)

* Advanced Scientific Research Forum (ASRF) aims at promoting the qualitative research in the fields of Modern Sciences & Engineering Technology. 

*ASRF also prefers to encourage the new research scholars who are willing to open new doors in the field of research. ASRF's motto is to be the bridge between the reputed & renounced scholars and upcoming rising stars.

*ASRF has no barricades of region, religion, nationality and boundaries.

*ASRF humbly requests the research scholar to send their valuable and innovative articles in the field of Modern Sciences & Engineering Technology.

*ASRF wishes to become the voice for all new findings in the fields of Modern Sciences & Engineering Technology on global level.

*ASRF also extends it's helping hand to encourage seminars, conferences and open discussions.

*In the view of ASRF, knowledge is not to be kept in hidden caves. It is to be distributed to all who want to enhance their knowledge. Hence ASRF adopts the open access policy regarding the contents of the journal.