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Instructions to Authors:

Authors are requested to go through the instructions carefully.
* Authors are expected to submit their manuscripts only in MS-word format (2007 or 2010) through the e-mails: editor@ijmset.com (or) editor.ijmset@gmail.com
* Authors must furnish the full details of name,postal Address, E-mail Address and Telephone Numbers.

The paper should be in the following simple format: Download"IJMSET's TEMPLATE"

*The order of main headings:
  Title of the article,Details of the Authors,(Including affiliations and emails),Abstract with Keywords


* Page Layout

Page layout: A4(Width=8.27" & Height=11.69"),Single Column

Margins: Top=Bottom= Left= Right=1"

Paper Title-14(Times new Roman) & Bold

Author’s Name-11(Times new Roman) & Bold

Affiliations & Emails:10(Times new Roman) & Italic

Abstract & Keywords (Headings): 11(Times new Roman) & Bold

Abstract & Keywords (matter): 10 (Times new Roman) & Italic

Headings: 11(Times new Roman), Upper case letters & Bold

Sub headings: 11(Times new Roman),Capitalize each word & Bold

Running matter -11(Times new Roman) with single space

Equations (if any): 11(Times new Roman)

References should be in the following form:10(Times new Roman) with single space,Not exceeding 10 lines.

Author’s Name,Title of the article / Book, Journal’s name / Publisher,Volume Number, Issue Number, Page Numbers, Published year.

​Author's Brief Biography:10 (Times new Roman) with single space.Not exeeding 10 lines.

Header and Footer: 0.5"

After the article is selected for the publication, the authors will be intimated the same and requested to remit 
the processings and online maintenance charges only. There are no publication charges.

The Processing and online maintenance charges:

For Indian authors: Rs 1600 (Sixteen Hundred Rupees)
For Foreign authors: USD 75 (Seventy Five Dollars)+Transaction charges

*The maximum number of pages in any article must be 10 pages.
*Under extraordinary circumstances,if the number of pages increases more than 10 (0r) the number of authors increases more than 2 then the authors have to pay extra charges.


The received articles will be sent to the reviewers for their valuable comments.Their comments will be of four types.
*Accepted without revisions
*Accepted with minors revisions
*Accepted with major revisions

Publication Ethics:

*The Authors strictly advised not to send the articles which are either published in other journals or under consideration for publication.
*The articles must be exclusively sent to IJMSET.
*Authors may submit the research papers, short communications and reviewed articles.
*If any deviation from the code of ethics is found,the article will be removed immediately from the journal's website without any intimation and no further opportunity will be given to the Author.Further actions will be taken according to the suggestions of the disciplinary committee.
*The editor-in-chief of IJMSET has the right to reject the article at any stage with sufficient reasons.
*The authors must take the whole and sole responsibility regarding the contents of their articles.
*IJMSET will not be responsible in any case for the contents of the article.
*It is evident that the submission of the article itself means that the author has transferred the copyrights provisionally.
*After receiving the acceptance letter from IJMSET, the author must transfer the copyrights in the prescribed form at any cost scrupulously.
*if once the article is accepted by IJMSET, it should not be sent /published in any other journal.

*Once money paid,will not be returned.