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Scholar's Appreciation

Prof.Mircea Ion Cîrnu,Faculty of Applied Sciences,Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania.
IJMSET publishes interesting articles that offer new perspectives on the fields of Modern Sciences and Engineering technology. I, personally, hope that these articles will be of great use to those interested in this area by stimulating research and various applications.As a member of the Editorial Board, I appreciate the energy and the abilities of the Editor in Chief and his finesse in working with authors and reviewers. India, a country where mathematics appeared in the ancient times has in present a lot of scientific journals of high quality.

Prof. K. Lakshmi Narayan,SLC’S Institute of Engineering &Technology,Piglipur, Hyderbad,India.

IJMSET is an excellent platform for the young researchers to exhibit their work and get authentication. The composition of eminent members in the editorial board from different universities and countries gives a scope of integrated qualitative research and promotes critical probing of a problem from various possibilities giving solution to many unanswered queries. I congratulate IJMSET for extending such scope and appreciate the Editor-in-chief for his dedication to serve the field of research.

A.Robert, Associate Professor in Mathematics, Aditanar College, Tiruchendur, Tamilnadu, India.
Dr.K.V.L.N.Acharyulu and his team are doing a wonderful job with commitment and dedication. I am very thankful for the genuine interest they have shown in publishing the articles in time. I wish and hope that this journal will soon become a popular platform for all young researchers in sharing their ideas.

Prof.J.VenkateswaraRao,Mekelle University Main Campus, P. O. Box No: 231, Mekelle, Tigray,Ethiopia.

In my opinion IJMSET is committed to promote the keenness of research among the research scholars. The submitted articles to this journal will be reviewed by distinguished academics and nominated articles only will be published through on-line. Its primary precedence to prompt comeback is appreciable. It is good that it illuminates all the uncertainties of authors without making interruption. I really appreciate the IJMSET team for their services provided to the research community. Best wishes to the entire team of IJMSET.

Dr. B. Prashanth,Asst. Professor, Dept. of Mathematics,Acharya Institute of Technology,Bangalore.
I really appreciate Dr. K.V.L.N. Acharyalu and team for their commitment, dedication and hard work. I hope that IJMSET will become highly Impact factor Journal in future.
V.B.V.N.Prasad, Associate Professor,Vignan Degree & P.G.College,GUNTUR-5, A.P., India.
IJMSET is a wonderful platform for young research scholars and it gives rapid response for the good research articles and it is also a low cost on-line Journal. I congratulate Dr.K.V.L.N.ACHARYULU garu for his sincere and valuable yeoman services to the filed of Research. I hope that it will become a highly impact factor journal in future.
Deepa. A. Kurer, Research Scholar,Dept of DCN, KLSGIT Belgaum,Karnataka.
IJMSET is a very good platform for students like me to present and exhibit our ideas. IJMSET has given me a nice opportunity to publish my work. I am very thankful to the entire team of IJMSET.

Dr.Muthuraman S,Professor, Engineering Department,Higher college of Technology, Muscat.

It was with great pleasure that I greeted the publication of our paper in IJMSET. The review process was very good and gave constructive suggestions, which allowed me to appreciate the quality of my work and gave me confidence to myself. The quality of the review process has helped me to enrich myself by correcting some minor shortcomings of the manuscript, and also encouraged me to go further in my research. Again, innumerable thanks to the reviewers for time and effort devoted in my manuscript that has reached a satisfactory level for getting published in your prestigious journal. I also appreciated the dynamism and responsiveness of the editorial team.

Dr .Dipasri Bhattacharya,Prof & HOD, Dept of Anaesthesiology, R.G.Kar Medical College, Kolkata, West Bengal,India.
We appreciate your prompt response.It is a great endeavor to publish article from various discipline. It will help both medical and non medical person to a great extent. Hope you will support us in future also.
Dr.Mohammad Ahmadvand, Department of Mathematics, Islamic Azad University, Malayer, Iran.
We really appreciate Dr.K.V.L.N.Acharyulu and his team who are doing an amazing job to publish original papers. I hope that this journal will become a popular grade for all researchers in publishing more ideas that are original as soon as possible.
Chillara Soma Shekar,Associate Professor in Maths,Bharat Institute of Engineering & Technology,Telangana.
It gives me a great pleasure that my article is published in your journal. It is highly appreciated to the team members of IJMSET for being very prompt in their service and for their timely feedback. In future IJMSET will become a very good platform to present and exhibit ideas to the research scholars and others. I am very much thankful for the genuine interest they have shown in publishing the articles in time. I wish and hope that this journal will soon be with good impact factor in the future.
Parash Moni Thakur, Department of Mathematics, D. K.D.College, Dergaon, Assam, India.
I think this will be a very prestigious International Journal within a very short time and becomes good platform for the research scholars. Transparent and prompt  response from the Chief-editor may be considered as valuable inspiration for the research scholars. I am sure that this journal will be able to achieve high impact factor.